The Best Way to Prepare Beef Shanks

By Bill Cavanaugh

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Cut Name: Beef Shank 
NAMP Guide Number: 117 (Foreshank) 
Bone in/Boneless: You can get a roast boneless, but then you'd be missing out on that sweet, sweet marrow 
Other names: Shin, Hock, Hough, Jarret Arriere, Chambarete 
Best Cooking Method: Braise, stew, smoke if you're feeling adventurous

As this is the first in a series of meat cut highlights, I figured I would come out the gate strong by casting some light on what I feel is the most maligned and misunderstood of all cuts of beef: the shank.

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Baking Like a Professional

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Buying ready-made food is not affordable and costs have continued to go up over recent years. If you couple that with the simple fact that the quality of ingredients in pre-made meals is commonly low, home cooking starts to appear like an attractive option. However like any skill that needs a little information to get started, people could be put off home cooking given that it could be seen as too challenging. However like most activities in life a small amount knowledge can enable you break through the first barriers and get baking in no time.

Like lots of people, I was fairly hesitant right before I began baking. But now, just a couple of months in, my sureness and ability has grown and I'm taking pleasure in the entire process. I receive a lot of acclaim from my close friends who appreciate what I bake and it's always great to bring some thing home made if we have parties.

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